Our 5 tiered program is designed to embolden you with fundamental skill sets that will last a lifetime. These techniques and skill sets never change, they just become more engrained and refined as you progress into new terrain challenges.



By establishing rider rankings based on the Level-Up program we can better group riders with others of similar skills and goals for classes and ride days. 

The goal:

For each participant clear all the individual components for each Level Up skill sets and progress to the next Level. 

Level-Up core work areas:
  1. Balance
  2. Control
  3. Heads Up Approach
These characteristics translate across all skill sets:
  • Throttle & Clutch
  • Braking
  • Balance
  • Turning in Terrain
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Suspension Loading & Unloading


Beginning in 2019 our Level-Up score is on file. And, eventually we’ll get that all posted for you to share and compare. For now, you’re welcome to request that and have a look at any time.


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