Let's Get Rolling!

Starting off right means also knowing how to stop. Riders focus on getting control of their machines so they can safely operate the bike on off-road terrain.

Beginning with how a motorcycle works and what the controls do, the First Timers course will familiarize new riders with the equipment and proper beginning technique. Balanced body positioning and control: keeping your fingers on the levers; hand and foot position; standing to ride; power supply and delivery; shifting and braking are all introduced and reinforced consistently to help new riders quickly develop positive riding habits that will last a lifetime.


Bikes for Riders 5'7" and under are included in this 1-Day introductory course. Taller than 5'7"? Rent an adult dirtbike for the course. It's that easy.


Having the opportunity to ride different bikes in our programs allows you to get comfortable for what really fits you, you're size, aptitude, skill level and even your wallet. Getting some guidance and being able to ride different bikes will help you navigate different bikes and equipment to an ideal setup. This is a huge win as the average newcomer usually go through 2-3 bikes before finding the right fit. Sometimes you get better quickly and switch, and other times you figure out that "a total dirtbiker" gave you some sensational advice.  It's so easy to overspend on stuff you'll never need or that can even make it harder to just enjoy learning to ride.


Of course you can ride your own. Then we don't even have to haul one for ya! 😉 More importantly, we can help you dial in your setup to ensure your getting the most from your ride. A few tweaks to help body positioning or improve how it operates will allow you to be a more effective rider.


Jumping the gun and hitting a local trail too early can be exhilarating, but it can also be kinda sketch, or terrifying. Dirtbiking is supposed to be fun . . . We that that pretty seriously. Hah! :p Completing the First Timers program should leave you feeling confident go get out on the local trails for your first time or with your buddies. Coming in at any level you'll ride out far more educated and aware than you'd imagine.

"Lack of momentum exposes flaws in your technique" - Rich Larson | The IRC Tire Guy

To complete the First Timers training you'll need to demonstrate you're large and in charge with the basics. This isn't about going straight and hitting a kicker. Getting a little air is easy. This is about getting control of your machine. Do you have the composure to stop whenever and wherever you want? Can you turn the bike around in a tight space? Are you shifting to match the slope of the terrain? Are you in balance or out of balance while riding? These are a serious of challenges that require the rider to genuinely manage their machine.


After successfully completing the First Timers course you're ready for Ride Days! Take your new skills to task in the nearby Pike National Forest at at one of our exclusively permitted places.

If you're still "out of control" or not feeling confident, all 4 of your days can been spent on training. But that's pretty rare. Our goal is to help you get out on the trail feeling good and having fun, safely.


Ride Days and Trips are at a variety of locations around the front range and the western slope. We hope you'll continue to ride and improve with us, but we're stoked to see you DIY or hit the trails with your tribe. You're welcome to be a part of our tribe too. It's a great way to meet new people and learn about new areas to rally.


If it turns out you're ready to make this your next big thing, we highly recommend following up with the Level Up comprehensive "year 1" training course.

Saturdays 10AM-3pm (every other week April 1 - Nov 18)

A perfect introduction. Wanna take it to the next level? Try our Level Up training program!

First Timers (Front Range)

From: $399.00

Dirtbiking for 1st Timers is designed for first time riders, new bike owners, new clutch users, street to dirt crossovers or “rode as a kid” dirtbikers with a goal of gaining control, managing the bike safely and establishing proper dirtbiking techniques.

Dirtbike lessons Saturdays 10AM-3PM (April – Nov)

Kids bikes are included for Riders 5’6″ and smaller.

First Timers can add a Ride Day to follow up with their lesson! Ride Days are typically the Sunday after the First Timer’s course but this discounted purchase can be used any day of the year. Ride Days do not expire.