Evan Manniko


Evan Manniko is the current #1 Plate in – his class for- Colorado in Trials. At 16, Evan has already ridden for 13 years, and he’s quite adept at articulating how to ride a dirtbike in the stickiest of situations. His chill and observant coaching -style- makes him approachable and insightful.- You’ll also- be amazed when he goes into Demo Mode. The guy gets it right every time. Amazing.

Picture of Ian Leeming as a dirtbike guide in Colorado

Ian Leeming

Guide | Instructor

I started riding because I loved being outdoors, seeing new places, and developing friendships. Off road riding teaches skills that translate to many aspects of life. Everyone has their own style and pace of what they enjoy in life, and I believe that sharing a day on the trail with someone creates lasting memories. I have a very deep knowledge and passion for the trail systems of the Western Slope of Colorado in Eastern Utah. I have a good sense for matching a rider’s ability with suitable terrain, which elevates the overall quality of the riding experience. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced rider, I am confident we can create a tour that you’ll enjoy and likely want to replicate another time!
I am available for single-day, multiple-day off-road tours or riding instruction. I also can teach trials techniques, or offer a day of riding trials. Don’t have a trials bike? No problem. Let’s talk!

John Donakowski


Born and raised in the Sierra Nevadas of Nor Cal, John Donakowski was next door neighbors with 60,000 acres of Stanislaus National Forest. Circa age 9 he rallied his first ride, a Honda CT70. Soon he’d requisition his old man’s 250 Elsinore.

John loves everything riding; pre testing, prep, route planning and getting all the gear together, as well as ride pre-stoke and on through post ride memorable stories. John’s an experienced large group honcho, organizing and corralling rides in places like Northern California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, and Colorado mountains. 

Favorite trail: White Rim Trail Moab
Favorite riders: Johnny Cambell, Ricky Johnson, Graham Jarvis, Travis Pastrana
Favorite quote: “Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing” Hunter S Thompson

Kevin Busch

Guide | Instructor

In all fairness we can’t list Kevin as a guide or instructor without mentioning Michele, they really come as a duo. Though extensive, their list of accolades doesn’t do them justice. They’re just amazing people full of greatness. 

Kevin is a veteran trials rider and baja racer. They’ll be racing the NORRA Mexican 1000 again this year at the end of May and Kevin will be pursuing another Expert overall #1 plate in the RMTA. Think about it, a guy who rides an XR650 with his girl across the sandy rollers of Baja at speed AND competes on an ultra-light braap bike in trials.

Probably has a few tips, if you ask. 

Let’s get you to the kind of ride you want.

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