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Enduro Ranch provides Group and Private Instruction for kids, adults, families or your unique clan. 

  • 1, 2 and 3-day dirt bike courses
  • 3 and 5-Day Kids Overnight Camps
  • Specialty Clinics
    • ADV & Dual Sport
    • Log-A-Thon
    • Trials 

Now on the Front Range and Western Slope. 

We get you from here . . .

to here.

Learn control skills and techniques in a training environment.

Then ride the trails feeling confident and safe.

1-3 Day Programs

Progressively putting new skills into action, riders begin with a full day of training and by Day-3 spend a full day on the trail.

The experience of Enduro Ranch’s unique and individualized attention within group lessons or private instruction will give you confidence as a rider and peace of mind as a parent or partner.

Training for off-road motorcycle trails, recreation, dual sport or enduro racing is an ideal way to learn how to have:

  • better control
  • feel safer
  • ride with more awareness
  • ride longer

And, you’ll likely increase your speed, efficiency and endurance.


Front Range: Thunder Valley MX Park, Rampart Range, Rainbow Falls & Westcreek/Divide, RAM Off-Road Park

Western Slope:  Peach Valley OHV and Dry Creek

Private Instruction Locations: Private property and all Front Range and Western Slope Locations. 

The 3-Day program provides the best opportunity to gain new skills, practice, them on Ride Day! at one of our safe, scenic and challenging locations. We’re committed to working with every rider to achieve their dirtbike goals. 

“Sign ’em up!”

2019 Dirtbike Lessons Schedule

First Timers





First Timers

If it’s your first day ever on a dirtbike. You may have ridden on the street or you’ve never even saddled up on a motorcycle. Either way, this is your starting place. We’ll make sure you have an awesome #firstdayever. 


You’ve done a First Timer class, ridden several times or you’re just getting back into riding after a hiatus, these intense basic offroad motorcycle classes are guaranteed to have you feeling well equipped, tired and smiling.

Here’s how it works:


If you need a bike

We supply kids bikes and equipment as part of the class.

Adults can quickly and easily get outfitted with our partners at Ride Mtn Moto or Extreme Rentals.

We’ll pick up adult rentals and have them ready and waiting at the training area.

And, we’ll keep all rental bikes overnight for multi-day classes.

When the class is over, we’ll take the gear back for you.

That’s it!

You've got your own equipment

Right on! Just show up at 9:30 with your bike, get your gear on and throw a leg over.

We store kids bikes overnight for free. 

And we’ll hold onto adult bikes for an additional $25. 

If loading and unloading is daunting, we’re always ready to lend a handle it.

No sweat.

Beginner Dirtbiking 3-Day

3-Day Beginner Dirtbiking is a Level 1 course that puts an emphasis on trail riding time. In fact Day 3 is almost entirely on the trail. We’ll cover a few miles, see some sights, learn a bit about the Colorado National Forest and make good memories.

Keep in mind, riders aren’t required to do all 3-Days in a row. They can join any Level 1 course during the summer.

LOCATION: May vary pending weather and the location from where the majority of sign ups are coming. Most likely we’ll be at Thunder Valley MX Park by Morrison or RAM Off-Road Park in Colorado Springs.

Beginner Dirtbiking 2-Day

A 2-day beginner or novice dirt bike riding program that introduces riders to the essential techniques of motorcycle off road riding and the nitty gritty of how to progress at riding a dirtbike.

LOCATION: May vary pending weather and the location from where the majority of sign ups are coming. Most likely we’ll be at Thunder Valley MX Park by Morrison or RAM Off-Road Park in Colorado Springs.

Beginner Dirtbiking 1-Day

A 1-day course that will provide you with the opportunity to learn good habits, prepare you for tricky situations and give you confidence in your abilities. You may show up with an hour or hundreds of hours of experience. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to ride.


First Timer Dirtbiking

1st Timer courses are for kids and adults who have never ridden or have never ridden with a clutch. Start off with bike basics, controls and body positioning and within an hour or so, riders can start and stop without issue. And, by the end of the day riders will be making laps on the kids track. Pretty amazing, and fun!

NOTE: LOCATION may change to RAM Off-Road Park or Rainbow Falls depending upon weather or where you live.

What riding gear do we need to have?

For dirtbiking we typically say the minimum is helmet, eye protection, boots and gloves. That said, you don’t need your own. We have a some of these items and what we don’t carry you can rent from one a number of local rental shops. And, if you’re in for buying new gear, let us know. We’ll make sure you get a discount at your one of our preferred vendors.

How experienced do I need to be?

Whether it’s you or your kiddos, or the lot of ya, we work with any experience level. Ok, you need to be able to ride a bicycle. That seems fair enough. Beyond that, our Beginner Dirtbiking courses for Youth and Adult are just your ticket to ride.

Are bikes included in the price?

For kids, Yes.

Adults, if you’re new to dirtbiking and have yet to have your own, no worries. We work with a number of rental companies and likely one in your area. Check the Resources page for a list of places that rent bikes and gear. 

Have other questions?

More FAQs

Parent’s often join the fun. Whether you decide to take separate courses or learn together as a fam, you’re welcome to stick around and watch your kids ride. Or go for a hike, run errands or head back to work. You’re kids are good with us from 9:30-3pm.

For those in our 3-Day courses, Parents (not friends) welcome to drive to the trailhead at Westcreek, Divide or Rainbow falls, or, we’ll load up the munchkins on Day 3 and transport them to the moon and back.

Day 1 & Day 2 – Pickup and drop-off at Thunder Valley Park 9:30-3:00
Day 3 – Pickup and drop-off at Thunder Valley Park 9:30-6:00

Don’t waffle. Sign up and ride!


Intermediate Dirtbiking

Intermediate Dirtbiking courses are Level 2 training for trail riding, enduro and enduro-cross enthusiasts who may have never had formal instruction, feel like they’ve plateaued, are running out of energy too quickly or want to prepare themselves for competition. You’ll practice on progressive obstacles and terrain at our exclusive enduro park designed to let you try things for the first time and progress rapidly.

These course are perfect for kids and adults that are ready to make major gains in performance.

  • July 3 (Fri) – It’s Clutch Workshop – Rampart Range
  • July 14-16 (Tues-Thurs) – Thunder Valley Park, Rampart Range
  • July 31 (Friday) RIDE DAY Level 2 – Rampart

Check the Schedule and Call or email if you have questions.


Crossover Clinics

Dual Sport and Adventure Riding Off-Road Training 

Transitioning from street to dirt? Prepping to ride Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR) and need some training? Good on ya! This course will definitely provide techniques that you can work on every time you throw a leg over. An intensive day 1 of a much bigger map of riding your adventure or dual sport bike. Join the fun!

July 17 – Thunder Valley MX

Check the Schedule and Call or email if you have questions.


Private Instruction

Improve your technique to ride more places, better. 

Call or email if you have questions. Otherwise . . .


Private Guiding

Create a unique individual, group or family vacation or day ride experience.

Call or email and let’s ride!


Guided Rides

Guided rides are the best way to discover a new area. Call or email for a custom plan or check out our Rides page for upcoming events.



Motorcycles – Rent a kids dirtbike from Enduro Ranch when you’re taking a lesson.

Equipment – We have a variety of sizes for kids including helmets, googles, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, boots and pants. Just shoot us an email or call for more details.


Rides Custom Programs

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can tailor a class to your needs.  Just call or email.

I totally get it!

And, you’re always welcome to give us a shout.


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